Congratulation to the First in Canada Graduates from M.CCIO (Master Clinician Certification in Integrative Osteopathy) Program!

April 11, 2021- April 09, 2023

M A S T E R      C L I N I C I AN      C E R T I F I C A T I O N 

            in Integrative Osteopathy (M.CCIO)

Have you ever asked the question what does it take to be a Master ?

What are the skills and abilities I need —to take me to the next level?

How can I grow my practice with the skills and abilities of a Master Clinician?

Are you ready?

If you said yes to any of these questions than this is your time.

You are ready for the next step.

The Total Immersion Masters Certification In Integrative  Osteopathy.

This is an advanced practice course designed to expand the clinical skills of the manual Osteopath with emphasis on anatomy, palpation, and the effective treatment methodologies that will bring results.

Gain the expertise , knowledge, and wisdom to create health for your patients, and learn the keys, abilities, skills, and habits of the Master Clinician.

With the global pandemic spreading don’t let your down time go to waist —- take this once in a lifetime opportunity to greatly expand your skill set by enrolling in the Total Immersion Masters Certification In Integrative Osteopathy

Expand your patient base, become an expert in your field, and be known as a Master Clinician-the one that achieves result other only dream of.

The Program Title:

M A S T E R      C L I N I C I AN      C E R T I F I C A T I O N 

            in Integrative Osteopathy (M.CCIO)

Awarding Body: 

The Childrens Hope Center ( San Diego, CA) and Toronto Academy of Osteopathy

Teaching Institution:

The Childrens Hope Center ( San Diego, CA) ,  Dr. Shawn Centers DO, FACOP, BCIM, BCIP   Professor of Pediatrics and Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Centers has over 30 years of experience in the field of Osteopathy and Integrative Medicine.

He was the last Physician to work alongside Dr. Viola Frymann and was her Clinic Director for over 15 years

He is a board certified clinician with dozens of years working with the most challenging cases

Dr Centers was a direct student of Viola M Frymann who was in turn a direct student of William G Sutherland who in turn was a direct student of Andrew Taylor Still, MD.

This program is Sponsored by AutismOne Association .

AutismOne is one of the largest providers of Integrative Medical Education in world. It is one of the largest integrative Medical Networks in the US sponsoring numerous medical education conferences for over 20 years. As program sponsor, course participants will have access to the vast video archives of AutismOne with over 10 years of lecture from the top Integrative Physicians and healthcare practitioners in the world.

You will learn

  • Advanced Osteopathic Techniques Directed at Deep Constitutional Healing
  • Advanced  Integrative Medicine
  • Neurological Reflex Integration
  • Osteopathy approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Osteopathic approach to Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Advanced Treatment Techniques for the Central Nervous System
  • Dietary Intervention, Herbal Therapy, Essential Oil Medicine and Basic Principles of Homeopathic Medicines.
  • Biomedical and Nutritional Approaches
  • Advanced Psycholinguistic and Emotional Release Techniques to Resolve underlying psychological blocks from healing
  • This 24 month course is designed to greatly expand the practitioner’s skill set transforming the basic practitioner to a Master Clinician
  • Using accelerated leaning such as the Raikov method the student will be able to grasp the material easily and effortlessly
  •  Increase his or her unconscious competence
  • Be recognized by colleagues and patients as an Advanced Practioner
  • The Use of Aromatic Medicine and Essential Oils with Osteopathy
  • It will require 12 hours per month in live Zoom based meeting and 1-3 hours per moth in small group discussion and 3 to 5 hours per month in independent study.
  • It will meet continuing education requirements for the next 24 months.

This will be a virtual course encompassing over 500 clinical hours of instruction including video conferencing, small group discussion, and independent study: 600 hours of research and application.

This course will present philosophy, thought processes, and techniques to greatly expand the practitioner’s clinical skills and practice.

In addition to learning cutting edge techniques to address complex health challenges, the Osteopath will learn advanced clinical principles and practices to become a Master at both the Art and Science of Osteopathy. He or she will be well versed in the history, beliefs, and skills that were responsible for transforming the practitioners of the past to the Masters we know today. Through advanced techniques of consciousness programming and quantum neurolinguistics the skills beliefs and competencies will be installed in the student on both a conscious and unconscious level leading to unconscious competence.

The four stages of competence, also known as the four stages of learning, is a model based on the premise that before a learning experience begins, learners are unaware of what or how much they do not know (unconscious incompetence), and as they learn, they move through four psychological states until they reach a stage of unconscious competence. Unconscious competence is the state in which, the individual has enough experience with the skill that he or she can perform it so easily they do it unconsciously. The goal of this course is to produce Master clinicians with the ability to create and expand the field of Osteopathy.

April 11, 2021  @10 am

April 25, 2021  @10 am

Month 1

Andrew Taylor Still MD

I am simply trying to teach you what you are; to get you to realize your right to health, and when you see the cures wrought here, after all other means have failed, you can but know that the foundation of my work is laid on nature’s rock.
—Autobiography of A. T. Still

We will study the work of Andrew Taylor Still and the beginnings of Osteopathy.  We will learn in depth the little known underpinnings of Osteopathy and how they shaped the profession. Exploration of Life and times of Dr Still, his beliefs and techniques that led to  many previously unheard of cures and examine his techniques and methodologies.

May 09  @10 am

May 23  @10 am

Month 2 William Garland Sutherland DO

As a newspaper reporter he was assigned to debunk the  supposed miraculous cures attributed to a Lightning Bonesetter—- Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. After countless eyewitness  experiences Sutherland became convinced that the cures were real. Sutherland becomes enamored by Dr Still’s  teachings and philosophy. So convinced of the validity of the Science he quit his job and became one of Still’s most ardent students. As he completes his studies he  is not convinced that he has acquired all of Still’s secrets. Querying Dr Still, he is told to investigate  the highest known element—- the cerebrospinal fluid. Beginning with the bones and the work of Charlotte Weaver DO, he investigates osseuos movement of the cranium. This begins years of painstaking research and  experimentation. With the help of quantum physicists closely linked to Albert Einstein,  an expanded form of Osteopathy emerges which is departs from the Newtonian physics model used by Dr Still  and embraces the quantum theories of Einstein and Walter Russell. The student will learn the thought processes , reasoning,  and techniques of this master.

June 06, 2021  @10 am

June 20, 2021  @10 am

Month 3 Viola Muriel Frymann DO

Trained as a homeopathic medical doctor in war torn England and follower a secretive esoteric society, like Still and Sutherland before her Dr Frymann was prompted by an inner voice to drop her career and pursue the calling of Osteopathy.

Dr Frymann envisions a Osteopathy that unites East and west and includes a the esoteric and spiritual aspect of Osteopathy. Homeopathy and esoteric knowledge greatly influenced Dr Frymann’s approach to Osteopathy. We will explore her philosophy and principles and examine key  techniques use to incite dramatic changes in children and adults.

July 04, 2021  @10 am

July 18, 2021  @10 am

Month 4 Robert Fulford DO

Dr Fulford embraced the work of William Sutherland early in his career becoming  one of his first table trainers and teachers. Studying the work of pediatrician Beryl Arbuckle, Dr Fulford like Arbuckle eventually departed from the Sutherland group in key areas. Because of this departure Dr. Fulford  expanded the practice of Osteopathy in many  areas including including concepts of the energetic body, polarities and breath.  We will explore his thoughts, ideas and treatment techniques

August 08, 2021  @10 am

August 22, 2021  @10 am

Month 5 Consciousness and The Quantum View of Osteopathy

In month 5 we will expand the teachings of Still, Sutherland, and Fulford and examine  the role of consciousness in clinical practice. We will examine how  neurolinguistic structure, patients point of view, and consciousness influence healing and wholeness. We will learn a set of hands on techniques to open up energetic flow and expand consciousness. We will present and overview and introduce concepts found in quantum physics as they relate to Osteopathy

September 05, 2021  @10 am

September 19, 2021  @10 am

Month 6 Osteopathy and The Role of Eastern Medicine.

The role of Eastern Medical approaches and their relationship to Osteopathy will be studied. We will examine basic concepts of Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other Indigenous Healing Traditions and its relationship to Osteopathy.

We will delve into Five Element theory as discussed in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine that can be integrated in Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment.  Diagnostic concepts and advanced techniques will be studied and their relationships to Osteopathy will be explored.

October 03, 2021  @10 am

October 17, 2021  @10 am

Month 7 Neuroendrocrine (Chapman) Reflexes

Work of Paul Nogier, and Aromatic Medicine

We will address advanced use of Neural reflexes including Chapman’s points and The work of Paul Nogier the founder of Auriculotherapy. We will also examine Aromatic Medicine in the context of Nogier and Chapman points and its use as a diagnostic and therapeutic system. We will present a specific sequence of diagnostic techniques that will easily identify major body systems involved in the Osteopathic lesion and present a simplified system to select the most appropriate aromatic medicine to address the underlying problem.

October 31 – November 5, 2021

Clinical Rotation: Sedona, AZ, USA

November 14, 2021  @10 am

Month 8 Expansion of Sutherland’s Principles

The cranial system includes the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the system of membranes inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum. We will examine classical cranial-base dysfunctions as assessed and treated by Dr. William Sutherland DO. We will examine how strain patterns can produce profound effects throughout the whole body. We will review strain patterns of the face, to include: nasal bones, zygomatic bones, maxillae, vomer, and palatines. Intraoral  techniques I and II and discuss their treatment.

December 12, 2021  @10 am

Month 9 Evaluation and Treatment of Potency

The body has the capacity to express health through  inherent potency.  We will examine inherent potency as it is found within the intricate matrix of the brain and spinal cord and how to direct resources and resolve  dysfunction . Dr Sutherland said at the very core of total health there is a potency with the human body manifesting it in health. At the very core of every trauma or disease condition within the human body there is a potency manifesting its relationship with the body in trauma or disease. It is up to us to learn to feel this potency. It is relatively easy to feel the tensions and stresses of trauma and disease as they are manifesting their patterns. But within these manifesting elements there is a potency that is able ‘to control or influence, having authority or power.’ It centers the disturbance. It can be sensed and read by a feeling touch. In this month we learn about fluid function, motion and learning to correct these inherent restrictions which limit the ability of the organism to express its inherent potency.

January 09, 2022  @10 am

Month 10 Advanced Techniques of The Fluid Body

We will continue discussion of the fluid body, the endocardium and the enormous potential of the central nervous system fluid- the involving the highest known-element.  We will begin to explore various pathways of motion in the body including fascia, fluid, and energetic levels. The practitioner will learn techniques to address each of these areas. Fluid techniques will be learned to locate body positions that are most beneficial in releasing long held dysfunction.

February 13, 2022 @10 am

Month 11 Principles of Energetic Treatment

Osteopathic treatment with the goal of gaining access to the central nervous system begins with the physical structure. This may include spinal mobilization, visceral manipulation and treating the fluid system. to ensure that all structures are free of restriction. Once the physical structure is free cranial techniques are used to on remove strain patterns, restoring the fluid balance and restoring inherent therapeutic potency. We will review these avenues of treatment and explore other avenues avenues of and treatment approaches to the subtle body..

March 13, 2022  @10 am

Month 12

Physical and  Emotional Traumas As A Cause of The Osteopathic Lesion

1874, Andrew Taylor Still, MD, the founder of osteopathy and its clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic implementations, developed a theory that the disease process arises when the flow of life is interrupted. In this unit we will discuss the origin of the Osteopathic lesion physically, emotionally, and energetic imprints which may  be responsible for the maintenance of long term dysfunction. We will examine diagnostic and methodological approaches to address the Osteopathic lesion.

Year 2

April 10, 2022 @9 am

April 24, 2022 @9 am

Month 1

Addressing the Underlying Lesion through Dialogue with The Living Organism

We will further refine our skills in the ability to interact with the body as well as the psyche of the organism. We will explore ways to dialogue with the body systems to discover trapped or retained dysfunctional patterns.


May 8, 2022 @9 am

May 22, 2022 @9 am

Month 2

Palpation and the deep primitive immune system.

Osteopathy has long been associated with an improved healing response in the cellular tissues and improved immune response. We will examine the role of Osteopathy in immune system enhancement, the glympatic system, the role of deep cervical lymph nodes and immune function. We will present keys ways to increase the total body immune system by, increase the immune response, and enhance the function of the deep immune system.


June 5, 2022 @9 am

June 19, 2022 @9 am

Month 3. Biomedical Approach to the Osteopathic Lesions.

Genetics, nutrition, physicial trauma, toxic exposures, significant emotional events all contribute to the  maintenance of the Osteopathic Lesion we will examine dietary approaches and detoxification protocols that aid in resolving Osteopathic lesions and  making Osteopathic treatment more effective.


July 3, 2022 @9 am

July 17, 2022 @9 am

Month 4

Osteopathic Approach to Energy Medicines

In this unit we will examine plant based medicines and their effect on Osteopathic Treatment including common plant based remedies and how to safely  and effectively recommend them to enhance Osteopathic care.  We will examine the use of acute care homeopathy and its use in treatment.


September 11, 2022 @9 am

September 25, 2022 @9 am

Month 5 Persistent Primitive Reflexes as A Cause of Persistent Osteopathic Lesions

A persistent problem seen in patients with long standing Osteopathic lesions is that  primitive neurological reflexes may not integrate during the typical developmental stages which are documented in the literature. Unintegrated reflexes can interfere with many aspects of learning, physical movement, development, and behavior. Integrating a reflex connects nerve nets or repairs them to allow rapid and efficient transmission of impulses along nerve cells. Individuals long term Osteopathic Lesions such as as autism, ADD/ADHD, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, T-21/Down syndrome, dementia, learning disabilities, strokes, and pain are finding a reduction of symptoms when we address these reflexes.


October 09, 2022 @9 am

October 23, 2022 @9 am

Month 6

Resolution of Trauma Stored In The Tissue

Andrew Taylor Still stated that the memory is stored in the fascia. We will learn techniques to resolve and eliminate these memories which are often responsible for long standing dysfunction. The practitioner will learn ways to address trapped emotions, limiting decisions, and dysfunctional metaphors that may limit the patients innate ability to manifest total health.


November 06, 2022 @8 am

November 20, 2022 @8 am

Month 7

Time Line Integration and Osteopathic Lesion

Through working with the perception of time within the body, locating emotions that have become trapped within body tissues we can resolve longstanding conflicts and behavior that are responsible for the maintenance of the Osteopathic Lesion. We will address how to locate, identify, and release trapped significant emotional traumas that may be the cause of long standing dysfunction patterns.


December 4, 2022 @8 am

December 18, 2022 @8 am

Month 8

Addressing the Gut-Brain Axis

This nervous system is located inside the wall of the GI tract, extending from the esophagus to the rectum. Technically, it is known as the enteric nervous system, or ENS, but it has been given other labels, too: “second brain. Its treatment was first mentioned in the early Osteopathic literature. Disruption of this axis has been associated with Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism and many other conditions. We will study the role of osteopathy in restoring the well-functioning of the disrupted physiological system due to toxic exposure and its influence on the gut-brain axis. We will learn therapeutic manual techniques that may be used to assess and reduce the effects of toxic overload in the gastrointestinal system.

We will address ways integrated Osteopathy can assist and resolution and balancing of this important axis.


January 8, 2022 @8 am

January 22, 2022 @8 am

Month 9

The Brain & Spinal Cord

As the lungs breathe and the heart beats with a rhythmic alternating expansion and contraction, the central nervous system (CNS) also has its own involuntary rhythmic motion. Dr. Sutherland described this inherent activity of the CNS as a respiratory motion with “inhalation” and “exhalation” phases. The hands of a skilled osteopathic physician connect directly with the primary respiratory mechanism to bring about a therapeutic response. We will examine Systemic Central Nervous System Issues that can cause a multitude of effects. Seizure disorders, stroke, developmental delay are all the consequence of Central Nervous System Dysfunction .


February 5, 2023@8am

February 19, 2023@8am

Month 10

Osteopathy & The Vagus Nerve

Since the early days of Osteopathy and continuing with the work of William G. Sutherland the vagus nerve has been identified as a key lesion in whole body dysfunction. Emerging evidence has begun to depict the molecular mechanisms by which inflammation is regulated via the vagus nerve. Specifically, inflammation can be controlled by neuro immune circuits upon vagal afferent and efferent fibers, operating in a reflexive continuum.  We will examine the vagus nerve, polyvagal theory, and far reaching techniques and at will resolve these dysfunctions.


March 5, 2023@8am

March 19, 2023@8am

11 Special topics

Special topics selected by the  master clinicians will be presented.


April 9, 2023@9am

Month 12. Integration

We will examine key areas of integrated Osteopathy and how these are best used in practice working with specific cases. A comprehensive review of everything learned in the program and graduation.

April 20-23, 2023

Clinical Rotation,


Arizona. USA

* All Participants will be credited with 48 CEUs toward 2021-2022.